Modernize the Politics

Present situation

Many societies face problems with the political class.
Frequently, politicians are blamed of lack of professionalism.
They do not fulfil the compromises they do during the campaign.
Sometimes the campaigns are chaotic.
The basic instruments of organization, present in the private institutions, are absent in politics.

POLITISUITE affords credible instruments that convert the campaign promises in a execution plan during the government.

Political Cycle Care

Government program - proposals.

Open the proposal to the society.
Discuss the proposals.
Do commitments.

Win the election.
Convert the proposals in a government plan.

Fund rising transparency.

Organizes the activities of volunteers and other members.

Coordinates the leader's agenda with the different forces that collaborate during the campaign

Work connected

With the team.
With the opinion formers.
With the members.
With the power groups.


Low cost
Leading edge


cloud computing with the feet on the earth.

Participation + Accountability + Transparency

Business models

  • Lease: This option does not require server installation by the publisher. POLITISUITE provides the servers, the Internet connection , bandwidth , backup services , applications and application management for a monthly rent . Customer pays system setup and customization. It also pays training. In this case POLITISUITE signs a non disclosure agreement on the information, ensuring data ownership and exclusivity for the customer.
  • Purchase: In this option, the application runs on the customer's servers. POLITISUITE provides system software. There are a variety of customer services such as training courses online or classroom courses for systems departments, advice on equipment requirements and so on. Warranty expires when modifying the source code. First option has a lifetime warranty and includes all the improvements that will be developed in the future. There is always the possibility of moving from one option to another .

All inclusive